Develop A Love For The Performing Arts

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Performing Arts Classes

Kings Creative Company meets on a Saturday morning, and its purpose is to create theatre. We put on 3 shows in each academic year, December, April and July each show having a different theme and purpose. There are so many pathways in the world of Performing Arts, being able to sing and act opens endless opportunities. 90% of further education establishments will require a dancer to be a triple threat. This means they need to be equally good at singing and acting as dancing.

Training Triple Threats

We feel our students learn to act and sing best when performing and putting on a show. The amount of improvement we see when putting on our little shows is amazing, let alone when we work on a big show! With this in mind, each term will be working towards a show. We will buy the rights to this show and put on everything from panto to musicals to serious plays and everything in between! Shows are performed at a local venue to allow the students to have that theatre experience they love so much. Students are involved in the whole creative process, from the auditions to the choice in piece, costumes and set. Some shows involve the whole creative cast, some shows involve just the Junior OR the Senior Cast. The cost of this is £240 per show. Students can choose to take part in 1, 2 or all 3 shows over the course of the year.

creating triple threats performing arts dance classes southampton UK

“Amazing! I’ve just watched the musical mashup and am sure it was the best production I’ve ever seen! I can’t believe how much you managed to teach the kids in just a single week!!I am thrilled that she has joined your school”

Martin, Parent