Dance Classes For 7-11 Years

the core 4 dance classes southampton ballet, tap, theatre & jazz

The core 4 dance programme

The core 4 programme links the fundamentals of all forms of dance. Studying these from a young age allows the dancer to get a truly all-rounded education. 45 mins in each class, 3 hours a week at Year 3 above and you’ve given your dancer the best start in their dancing lives. Our results do speak for themselves, this year every single one of our graduates has gone on to further their dance training at vocational colleges, which not many schools can boast! Think of the Core Four the same as school, every student studies English, Maths, Science and IT. With knowledge in these areas, you can go on to do ANYTHING in the entire world.

4 Styles of Dance

Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre, Jazz Tech and Tap Dance make up the programme, and that allows dancers to progress into any other area of dance or performing arts they desire.

Classical Ballet

We will teach your child classical ballet & technique.

Modern Theatre

Discover a love for modern Theatre dance.

dance classes southampton breakdown: jazz, theatre, ballet and tap

Jazz Tech

Jazz tech is a fun combination of ballet steps, leaps and fancy footwork.

Tap Dance

Learn rhythm with tap dancing, it's always fun to make noise!

Dance Classes Southampton

The Core 4 Dance Program is the perfect way to give your dancer a truly all-rounded dance education. This program links the fundamentals of all forms of dance, including ballet, jazz, tap, and modern. By studying these styles from a young age, your dancer will develop a strong foundation in technique and artistry. The program is offered in 45-minute classes, 3 hours a week for students in Year 3 and above. This gives your dancer plenty of time to learn and practice the material, while still leaving time for other activities.

Junior 4 Core Program

Join our Junior 4 core dance program. We run 4x45 minute classes per week.

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