Adults Dance Classes, Southampton, UK

Dance classes for adults for both fun and exercise! Do you find the gym boring or wish their was a class where you could just be yourself, dance and forget about those daily work stresses? Well you’re in the right place. We offer Disco Fitness, Ballet, Ballet Fit and Tap for all ages and Levels. Meet like minded people whilst doing something you will enjoy. Come and train, dance and have fun with Viki. Join the Adult dance community and let your soul lead the way, everything else will follow.

adult boogy wonder world fitness dance classes southampton UK

Adult Boogie wonderland Fitness, Southampton UK

The clue is in the name, we simply boogie and smile whilst reaching our goals. Do you ever go out for an evening of dancing and think ‘Wow I’m so hot and sweaty I must have burned off so many calories’?…. Well it’s true… you do, so why not bring that enjoyment and those dance floor moves to a class each week to help reach your goals in a FUN way. Any age, any level, come and be ‘Top of the bops’ and make great friends along the way too. This class is simply time to boogie and forget about those daily stresses along the way. Good tunes each week from the 60’s.70’s,80’s & 90’s. Less ‘Rinse and Repeat’ and more ‘Fun and upbeat’! Benefits of Boogie Wonderland Fitness include: Mental and physical challenge also focusing on musicality and co-ordination, Works on cardio, stamina, stretching and strengthening - a FULL BODY workout, Develops a great sense of rhythm and timing and it's a chance to be yourself and bring your own flair to each class.

adult tap dancing classes in southampton UK

Adult Tap Classes in Southampton

Adult Tap dance classes are a fun and enjoyable way to keep fit. We have 3 Adult Tap classes: Beginners Tap, which is perfect if you have always wanted to try tap dancing, Movers Tap if you want to get back in to the swing of things and brush up on those skills and Advanced Tap, if you’re a confident tapper and simply want to Tap dance because you love it. Tap is a full-body cardio workout, but the legs do the bulk of the work helping you tone your legs and hips as well as strengthen your body. There are many benefits to tap dancing including: Aerobic but low impact, Tones legs and hips and builds strength in the legs and feet, Develops a great sense of rhythm and timing and it's both a mental and physical challenge

Ballet adult fitness classes southampton UK

Ballet Fit For Adults

Ballet Fit is a great low impact workout for the whole body incorporating ballet technique in to an easy to follow, fun exercise routine. Ballet strengthens muscles, promotes healthy bones, burns calories and helps improve co-ordination. Each week the exercises are varied with some weeks using therabands and matts. Benefits of Ballet fit include: it develops strength and muscle tone, it is easy to follow and great for beginners, it aids your balance and it can helps reduce stress and tension through breathing.

adult ballet classes southampton UK

Adult Ballet

An open level ballet class for those who wish to try or recapture the skill they had as a child. A great opportunity to learn the basics of Ballet, allowing you to gain a good understanding of ballet steps and enable you to further develop classical ballet technique. This is a mixed level class with an emphasis on enjoyment. Benefits of Ballet: Improves posture, Develops strength and muscle tone, Aids balance, Increases flexibility. Adult Ballet Classes take place on a Tuesday evening from 7:45 - 8:30 pm in Sarisbury Green Parish Rooms, Southampton with Miss Viki

1 Class Per Week

£24 per month

Take 1 dance class per week with Kings Academy of Performing arts. Your can choose from any of the classes above.

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3 Classes Per Week

£60 per month

Make the most out of your dancing experience with 3 classes per week. Choose from any of our classes listed above.

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